Raysgem Capabilities

Capability smart mirror manufacturer

RAYSGEM is a high-tech enterprise and has over 170 solely owned patents. With complete and independent hardware and software development capabilities, we can independently deliver product definition, ID design, structural design, material analysis, schematic design, HDI high-density PCB design and development, ARM embedded development, underlying software design, Android driver development, graphics Image processing, NDK core code packaging, IOS basic graphics and image development, specific vocabulary speech recognition algorithm development, AR algorithm development, as well as server framework design and customization, intelligent scene data collection, analysis, deep learning and automatic modeling services. Raysgem’s Mirror Operating System (RMOS) is the industry’s first and currently the only software system that is deeply customized for scenarios of smart mirror devices. It has become the mainstream smart mirror system solution.

P10 smart mirror manufacturer

Raysgem is the only company who have a fully automatic production line in the smart mirror industry, including pre-production, assembly, automatic aging, quality inspection and packaging process. The whole production line is equipped with 60 production stations, which can refine the SOP production process into a single operation step, which can greatly reduce the number of skilled workers, and is ready to be upgraded to industrial robotic line. The complete industrial control system enables the whole line to adjust the speed according to the target product process and adapt to different types of assembly line operations. These capabilities position us as a world-class smart mirror manufacturer, enabling us to consistently deliver the best products to our clients.

P11 smart mirror manufacturer

Brilliant smart mirror technology

As a leading smart mirror manufacturer, Raysgem’s four core technologies redefine the concept of mirrors, eliminating the concern of choosing the right smart mirror. Now, it can be a wall, a mirror, in your bathroom or kitchen, blending seamlessly into any interior design if desired.

Four core technologies of smart mirrors

Comprehensive Smart mirror Solutions

Over the past few years, Raysgem has developed numerous smart mirror solutions, serving as both an innovator and a smart mirror manufacturer for residential and commercial applications. These solutions are collaboratively discussed and advanced by Raysgem and its partners, with ongoing enhancements and updates.

Smart mirrors fit in different real estate scenes

2011  Raysgem •  SHEN ZHEN

  • Raysgem Ltd Founded
  • Developed Mirror Display System
  • Non-metallic 7 Layers Mirror Coating
  • 1,200m² smart mirror factory launched
  • Production line established


  • National High-Tech Enterprise Cetification
  • China Top 30 Smart Homes Enterprise
  • Government supported High-Tech Project
  • Smart Home Committee Construction Team
  • Full Capability R&D Center Established
  • Get Seed Round Investment


  • China Hardware Creation Competition Winner
  • Smart Home Technology Innovation Award
  • Series Pre-A Investment from public company HeT
  • 3,000m² Smart Mirror Factory Launched


  • 80+ Proprietary Patents
  • AWE Welcome Product Award
  • Dust-free Automatic Production Line launched
  • Series A Investment from top VC – Yunqi Capital

2022  Raysgem •  International

  • Raysgem International Ltd established for Global Business
  • 140+ Proprietary Patents
  • Series A+ Investment from IOT leader Ovibo

2024  Raysgem •  Bei hai

  • National Level Professional Excellence and Innovation Enterprises Award
  • Raysgem Beihai Ltd established with 10,000+ m2 Smart Mirror Factory