Forbes China Unveils AIoT Top 100 List, Raysgem Magic Mirror Earns a Coveted Spot

Raysgem earns a place on forbes china's aiot top 100 companies list

Recently, Forbes China released its AIoT Top 100 Companies list, with Raysgem successfully securing its place, emerging as a frontrunner in the intelligent home domain.

This AIoT Top 100 Companies selection was jointly initiated by Forbes China and Tuya Smart, premised on fairness, impartiality, and transparency, spanning four major categories: intelligent homes, smart living, intelligent scenarios, and international smart brands. The process involved open registration, invitations, and data from various sources, including the Tuya Smart platform.

As a renowned American business magazine and one of the world’s leading financial media outlets, Forbes’ global influence is significant. The lists it produces are considered industry and wealth barometers.

Raysgem earns a place on forbes china's aiot top 100 companies list
Raysgem earns a place on forbes china’s aiot top 100 companies list

The selection of the AIoT Top 100 Companies was independently produced by Forbes China, aiming to identify 100 outstanding companies leading the industry with their innovative AIoT technologies and new business models. Raysgem has received this honor, becoming one of the 2019 Forbes China AIoT Top 100 Companies.

 Currently, AI is at a critical stage of technological advancement, serving as the next “wind vent” for technological development. The combination of AI and IoT is becoming a disruptive force impacting future industrial development, ushering in innovative transformations and limitless possibilities in the era of intelligent commerce.

Since its inception, Raysgem has been dedicated to AI+ intelligent mirror display, launching the industry’s first AI interactive magic mirror, which has become a new AIoT species in intelligent home and smart retail applications.

Raysgem’s independently developed magic mirror system platform is now compatible with Zigbee, KNX, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and other protocols, connecting to over 9,000 household appliances and smart hardware devices through various domestic mainstream system platforms.

From intelligence to empowerment, Raysgem has been continuously innovating and evolving, initially focusing on mirror displays, then developing the magic mirror system platform. It has provided comprehensive smart solutions for numerous real estate, home furnishing, and building material projects, rapidly expanding the Mirror+ smart ecosystem landscape.

Receiving this honor as one of Forbes China’s AIoT Top 100 Companies not only recognizes Raysgem’s efforts in the AI+IoT field but also applauds the value it has created for the industry market.

In the future, Raysgem will continue to exert its strength in the AI+ intelligent display sector, maintaining its industry-leading advantage with an innovative and uncompromising spirit, and providing global customers with superior magic mirror products and intelligent solutions!

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