Raysgem appeared at the Sonos launch event, partnering to build a smart lifestyle.

Raysgem partner with sonos

RAYSGEM has partnered with Sonos to create an innovative smart lifestyle experience. At the Sonos product launch event in Beijing on July 17th, the acclaimed household smart speaker brand introduced their latest smart soundbar, the Sonos Beam, in China.

Sonos, a leading company in the foreign household smart speaker industry, has joined forces with RAYSGEM, a rising player in the artificial intelligence mirror interaction industry. The collaboration between these two esteemed companies is set to revolutionize the full-scenario smart experience.

Raysgem partner with sonos
Raysgem partner with sonos

RAYSGEM’s intelligent mirror is designed for intelligent control and interaction, enabling users to effortlessly adjust settings using voice commands without approaching the mirror or the Sonos product. For instance, users can simply say, “Set the air conditioner to 26℃,” or request a “lullaby” before bedtime.

Through their partnership, Sonos and RAYSGEM have created an immersive listening experience that satisfies personalized needs in different settings. This technological collaboration allows users to enjoy a range of functions, including interconnection and intelligent sensing functions of smart devices such as lights, door locks, and curtains, in scenarios such as the bathroom, living room, kitchen, and bedroom.

Raysgem partner with sonos
Raysgem partner with sonos

With RAYSGEM’s expertise, Sonos is well-positioned to expand its functionality in the smart home market. In the future, the Sonos product line will achieve the same level of functionality as RAYSGEM’s intelligent mirror, offering even more opportunities to satisfy personalized needs and achieve a more comprehensive smart home experience.

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