Raysgem Core Technology

Raysgem’s four core technologies give you a whole new idea of the mirror so you won’t have to worry what kind of a smart mirror you should choose, now it can be a wall, a mirror, in your bathroom, kitchen. It can fit in to any interior style and be totally invisible if you want it to be.

four core technologies of smart mirrors

Raysgem Solutions

Raysgem has built many smart mirror solutions in the past few years, for both residential and commercial uses. These solutions are discussed and developed by Raysgem and our partners, and are constantly being supplemented and updated. 

the Path we’ve been through


Raysgem team entered the smart mirror industry in 2007, and successfully developed the first-generation interactive smart mirror based on X86 architecture in 2011 when we established the company. 


After 4 years of research and development, in 2015, a new generation of smart mirror prototype M was developed based on the ARM architecture, which laid the foundation for most smart mirrors in the world today. In 2016, Raysgem manufactured and sold tens of thousands of first-generation smart mirrors M1, and thus became the first smart mirror brand in the world to turn smart mirrors from experimental products to real consumer product.


Raysgem later on have expanded into 7 major fields, including new retail, real estate/smart community, smart home, smart hotel, health care, smart bathroom, and AI entertainment. Through smart mirror in different forms and applications, Raysgem have served millions of consumers.


By today, the M series has been updated to its 7th generation. And we have also decided to start exploring the world. To do so, we bring you the latest G-series smart mirror with new features and design for global users. We hope that through our vision, we will bring the real smart mirror to consumers all over the world, in doing so, technology can truly serve mankind.

raysgem smart mirror first generation

1st Genertation of Smart Mirror

smart mirror prototype M based on ARM

Raysgem Bathroom Smart Mirror M1

Model M-1 in mass production

Why Smart Mirror

Mirrors’ popularity, daily use, eye-catching coupled with their large and flat surfaces, make them the best visual terminals for building IOT scenarios and inserting strategic information into your daily routines. You will be able to get whatever you want from the internet and also receive important reminders at a glance. It is so easy to be reached constantly, in front of you, in many small bits of time (with a motion detector to auto wake up the screen). You will not be disturbed, but only be helped with right information at the right time in the right place through the right way…  

Why choose smart mirror

What We can do

RAYSGEM is a high-tech enterprise and has over 170 solely owned patents. With complete and independent hardware and software development capabilities, we can independently deliver product definition, ID design, structural design, material analysis, schematic design, HDI high-density PCB design and development, ARM embedded development, underlying software design, Android driver development, graphics Image processing, NDK core code packaging, IOS basic graphics and image development, specific vocabulary speech recognition algorithm development, AR algorithm development, as well as server framework design and customization, intelligent scene data collection, analysis, deep learning and automatic modeling services. Raysgem’s Mirror Operating System (RMOS) is the industry’s first and currently the only software system that is deeply customized for scenarios of smart mirror devices. It has become the mainstream smart mirror system solution.

Raysgem Smart Mirror Software
Raysgem Capabilities

Raysgem is the only company who have a full automatic production line in the smart mirror industry, including pre-production, assembly, automatic aging, quality inspection and packaging process. The whole production line is equipped with 60 production stations, which can refine the SOP production process into a single operation step, which can greatly reduce the number of skilled workers, and is ready to be upgraded to industrial robotic line. The complete industrial control system enables the whole line to adjust the speed according to the target product process and adapt to different types of assembly line operations.


Raysgem Capabilities