Raysgem’s four core technologies give you a whole new idea of the mirror so you won’t have to worry what kind of a smart mirror you should choose, now it can be a wall, a mirror, in your bathroom, kitchen. It can fit in to any interior style and be totally invisible if you want it to be.

Four core technologies of smart mirrors
Raysgem’s mps display technology


RAYSGEM’s MPS display technology is based on the cutting-edge display technology (Samsung / LG / SHARP) to get a 2nd development, to fit RAYSGEM’s light control technology. Automatically adjust light and colour temperature on different panels, so when the smart mirror is turned off, the display area will be 100% invisible and when turned on, there’ll be a perfect HD display.

Normal display

Regular Display

In regular display, if the room lighting is strong, mirror reflection will cause strong glare to prevent normal viewing.

Mps display

MPS Display

With MPS strengthened display effect, mirror glare is compensated, you can still enjoy a normal display even with mirror reflection.

Raysgem mps curve compare normal display

RAYSGEM Mirror Light control technology uses crystal white glass as base material, through special surface mirror treatment to control the reflectivity and transmittance, now we have super transparent mirror panel with high reflectivity as well. With RAYSGEM MPS display technology, now you can have a more colourful HD image and 100% fade-in effect when the smart mirror is off.

High Quality Mirror

RAYSGEM use electronic grade ultra clear glass as mirror base to guarantee the original display through mirror. Regular products in the market would only use common architectural glass which cause color distortion.

High quality mirror
Professional smart two-way mirror coating

Professional Mirror Coating

RAYSGEM mirror coating has reached a perfectly optimized balance between transmissivity and reflection after more than 300 experiments (having the best reflection as mirror while bringing in the most transmissive display). Mirror coating is also our core patented technology with its maximum oxidation resistance.

Professional smart two-way mirror coating

Even Better Display

RAYSGEM mirror clearly is not a layer of semitransparent metal coating, through which the display can be awful. RAYSGEM coating is a professional oxide mixtures that brings colorful display to its maximum.

Smart mirror with high resolution display
Raysgem light control technology

Broad Temperature Management

A regular display cannot guarantee its safety and stability in a sealed or semi-sealed environment. RAYSGEM have optimised the heat control from LED panel, smart motherboard to the entire case through special structure design. Core parts inside the smart mirror can process high temperature environment so RAYSGEM smart mirror can work under harsh environment. For special projects, RAYSGEM will also implant a temperature control system inside the mirror to manage temperature initiatively.

Sealed or semi-sealed structure
Raysgem broad temperature management


RAYSGEM products now are integrated with smart systems, through which more functions become possible in general. Concealed sensor, cloud storage, interactive 5G/WIFI/Bluetooth/RFID functions and various APPs will bring out the best user experience on information distributing platforms and multimedia interaction area.

Raysgem system based on android