smart mirror in residential solutions

Raysgem has built many smart mirror solutions in the past few years. In these solutions, we set out to re-classify user scenarios, to re-define the core demands of users in these scenes (entertainment, fitness, home control, dressing, beauty and etc.), to re-design smart mirror in different forms (bathroom mirror, hallway mirror, dressing mirror, vanity mirror, cabinet mirror, etc.) for different scenes, and at the same time to determine the best way to interact with the user (touch, voice, gesture, action, image, vibration, flashing, etc.), and finally to combine other smart hardware in these scenarios (such as smart toothbrushes, body fat scales, smart ventilation, and smart toilets commonly found in bathrooms; such as video doorbells, smart lighting, and cameras at the entrance; such as skin analyzers and beauty instruments around the dressing table) and many more into your smart home system.

Raysgem smart mirror types
our clients in residential

The integration of technology and daily life requires you to understand life. The purpose of these solutions is to provide users with a complete scene-based experience by connecting more devices on the basis of providing intuitive and visible functional services with the mirror as the interaction center. This kind of functional and comfort transformation based on the overall space is far more than the 1+1 improvement of a single smart hardware into the scene, allowing these devices to seamlessly blend in every user behavior.

These solutions are discussed and developed by Raysgem and our partners, and are constantly being supplemented and updated. We know that these solutions still need more compatibility and innovation, as well as localization in different regions, so we hope to bring more features, products and markets with you. Work with us to build a more comprehensive scene for users.

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smart mirror in commercial solutions

If you are experienced in business operations, you must know the importance of Internet exposure, attention, time of attention, conversion rate and space efficiency for store business. When entering any comprehensive shopping mall, mirrors, as a product with both functional and decorative features, have an extremely wide distribution. Examining the product in front of the mirror is usually the last step for consumers to make the final purchase decision.

One of raysgem commercial ecosystem design
our clients in commercial

Based on the natural appeal of mirror to consumers, Raysgem have developed various solutions for business efficiency from advertising, hair salon, beauty and skin care stores, clothing and shoes stores, glasses and jewelry retail stores. These solutions are inseparable from every partner who actually operates a huge chain of stores and systems. We hope that you can join in and provide more possibilities for your future business.

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