Raysgem Smart Mirror claiming the runner-up position in the championship

Hardware innovation competition

On November 19th, the highly anticipated final showdown of the 2nd China Hardware Innovation Competition took place at the 18th China Hi-Tech Fair, where the pinnacle national championship battle was fought! Raysgem, with its Raysgem Magic Mirror project, was a participant in the competition and secured second place in the finals!


Hardware innovation competition

The 2nd China Hardware Innovation Competition, jointly organized by leading industry enterprises such as Xingyun Intelligent Hardware Accelerator, Huaqiang Jufeng, Lenovo Star, Ideebank, Mouser, Witty Cloud, and iFLYTEK, featured an innovative format of “national tour practical training + professional field focus competition.” The competition revolved around the era of smart hardware, helping hardware start-up teams combine hardware and software, from ideation and R&D to product development and actual hardware manufacturing, thereby enabling real-life hardware production.

The finals adopted a “9+6” competitive format, with participants given 9 minutes to introduce and showcase their projects, followed by 6 minutes for the judges to ask questions. Finally, with the witness of nearly 500 elite makers, investment experts, and media present, three teams – Bucost, Raysgem Electronics, and Hui Ling Technology – were awarded first, second, and third place respectively in the finals, earning the esteemed titles of China’s “most impressive hardware innovators”, the “leading edge hardware innovators” of China, and the “cutting-edge hardware innovators” of China。

As an increasingly mature smart hardware company, Raysgem Electronics has a core team of members who were among the earliest professionals in the field of intelligent displays. The team spent a decade redefining the mirror, which is ubiquitous in our daily lives!

During the finals, the Raysgem Smart Magic Mirror was a sight to behold. With intelligent mirror display, human-machine interaction, and intelligent control, the Raysgem Smart Magic Mirror became the “fourth screen” beyond the computer, television, and phone. Serving as an interactive and informational window, it can create a smart ecosystem for the kitchen, bathroom, beauty, and health, forming an open intelligent control environment. It can also serve as an open and controllable platform for different intelligent devices to interconnect, laying the foundation for realizing full-house intelligentization controlled by physical objects.

Raysgem, has integrated increasingly advantageous smart home products into its smart mirror ecosystem and established deep partnerships with companies in the industry. Additionally, it is the only enterprise in the industry to have formed strategic partnerships with hotels, building materials and home furnishings, real estate, and home appliances across industries.

After the competition, the Raysgem team will continue to strive for innovation by integrating more innovative technologies into practical applications, providing more intelligent upgrade solutions for B2B customers, and bringing ultimate comfort to end consumers’ smart home life.

This is the best era for innovation, where there are no boundaries, and ideas need to be ignited. With dreams, one can go further and make innovative technology a reality in our lives!


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