The intelligent magic mirror transforms into an AI Coach

Raysgem smart fitness mirror

The intelligent magic mirror transforms into an “AI coach”, opening up a new home fitness experience. In our pursuit of a healthy body and perfect figure, we often get stuck due to “lack of space” and “lack of time”. With the arrival of a home fitness gadget, “fitness” has finally found a simpler and more effective way.

The intelligent fitness magic mirror transforms any home into an AI fitness studio, creating a new and immersive home workout experience that you can enjoy without leaving your house. As a smart home product, the intelligent fitness magic mirror is not only a full-body mirror, but also a “fitness coach”.

When the screen is off, it is simply a large mirror that can blend into any home environment. With a thickness of only 40mm, it can be mounted on the wall or leaned against it, making it both beautiful and space-saving, suitable for placement in areas such as balconies, study rooms, and bedrooms.

When it is turned on, it becomes an AI home fitness coach, displaying professional training courses on the mirror screen. By connecting to the mobile app and synchronizing your favorite courses, you can easily do your fitness training in front of the mirror at any time.

As a fitness gadget, this mirror comes with a wealth of resources built-in, including yoga, body shaping, boxing, aerobic dance, traditional Chinese health preservation, and parent-child interaction, among others. It allows everyone in the family to exercise in a fun and easy way: women can practice yoga, men can do weight training, children can learn to dance, and seniors can do Tai Chi. Not only does it help keep your family healthy, but it also enriches your home entertainment.

Intelligent magic fitness mirror

Always Ready and Personalized Support

For most busy people, fitness is a luxury. But with a “fitness coach” available at your beck and call, you can easily solve the problem of “lack of space” and “lack of time” for fitness.

This “fitness coach” can fully customize exercise habits and training to suit your personal schedule. Whether it’s in the morning, noon, or before bedtime, you can take advantage of these fragmented times for training, making fitness an easy thing to stick to.

However, the real strength of the intelligent fitness magic mirror is that it can connect you with real fitness coaches to help you complete your training accurately and adjust according to your state. Even if you stay at home, you can learn from experienced celebrity trainers, avoiding the risk of pandemics in public places and the embarrassment of blindly following smartphone apps.

During training, the fitness magic mirror not only corrects your movements but also provides personalized encouragement to accompany you. You have your own health consultant service, which can give you detailed answers based on your actual situation and recommend fitness coaches and courses tailored to your needs. Whether you’re a fitness novice or an expert, you can receive targeted training and guidance.

An Immersive Fitness Experience This intelligent fitness magic mirror not only has intelligent hardware, an AI coach, a vast array of courses, and professional services but also features innovative interactive modes. Combining dynamic images and realistic sound effects, it offers an immersive and fun interactive training experience.

Rasygem intelligent magic fitness mirror

Exercise is all about persistence, and the human-machine interactive scene not only makes home fitness easy but also enables you to find like-minded people to interact with. With online courses, one-on-one coaching, and interaction with fitness enthusiasts, you won’t find it dull or boring at the beginning of your fitness journey, and you’ll be motivated to keep going.

After exercising, you can easily view your comprehensive workout data, including exercise duration, calorie consumption, heart rate, and more, on the mirror screen. This data can be synchronized to your mobile phone for real-time viewing and interaction.So even if you are training alone at home, you can feel the passion of burning fat!

The mirror turning into an “AI coach” brings you an unprecedented home workout experience, helping you develop good fitness habits in all aspects of life and opening up a new way of healthy living.

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